Production and repair of screws

    The enterprise repairs screws of extruders, projects and makes the new nitrated screws and sleeves. We will execute complex diagnostics of an extruder, we will offer a design of the new screw or we will upgrade your screw taking into account properties of polymer, we will solve problems of increase of productivity, pressure head pressure, mixing quality.
    If the screw is worn-out, the comb is restored on the equipment for a plasma-jet and powder facing in the environment of argon, the hardness of a surface of 55 … 60 HRC, high wear resistance and durability of work is provided. The broken screw "sticks together from pieces", the damaged spire, splined or key connections are under repair.
    Equipment of the enterprise (the machine for a plasma-jet and powder facing, turning and grinder tools, other equipment) allows to make and repair cylindrical and conic screws of any diameter up to 8 meters long. Quality of works is provided by the fact that all cycle of production and repair of the screw is carried out by one enterprise on one production site by experts in mechanical engineering and in technology of processing of plastic.


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